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Personal Strategy

Personal development strategy is part of the key programming and management documents of each top research and development centre and that is why its elaboration has been included in the project PERSEUS of the Fifth Framework Programme of the European Union as one of the deliverables. Elaboration of personal development strategy itself is not understood as one of the objectives of the project but as an important step in meeting its objectives.


Quality Assurance System

This QAS focuses on the evaluation of the SPECTRA Centre as a semi-autonomous research and training unit granting specific tasks in the spatial research and education housed within the Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture to which it is accountable. The major purpose of the evaluation is to bring improvements to the quality of research and education.


Regional Network

Efficient and successful research of the SPECTRA Centre on the main current problems in the field of spatial development in the European context will be supported not only via bilateral collaboration but via integration in the existing and establishing of new networks. This allows the integration in the common interrelated databases for information exchange in the collaboration with the partnership institutions providing information and experience with launching similar databases, virtual and real face-to-face communication via mutual participation of the experts in the research projects, participation on networking events – conferences, workshops, elaboration of joint research projects or creating the networks of excellence.



One of the basic conditions for successful integration of the SPECTRA Centre into the common European research space in accordance with the goals of the SPECTRA PERSEUS project is the assurance of the quality and efficiency of its work. That is why the elaboration of the complex quality assurance system and its implementation became a part of this project.


The New Charter of Athens 2003

The New Charter of Athens: A Charter for European Cities in the 21-st Century , was first published in 1998 and is regularly reviewed and redeveloped. Latest updates were performed during the summit of The European Council of Town Planners´ Vision for Cities in the 21-st century in Lisbon, at 20-th November 2003.


The Mission Statement of the Network of Spatial Planning Research Institutes ( in Europe is a self-interest network integrating Central and Eastern European institutes and organisations active in the field of spatial research and planning. Each member institute is represented by its director and/or delegated persons. The network is continuously growing and is open to adopt new members.



contract No. APVV-20-025705


Reg. JPD 3 2005/1-032,
project code: 13120200084 – JPD NUTS II – Bratislava Goal 3