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Prof. Finka guest speaker in the development workshop in Kandy City (Sri Lanka)

Professor Maroš Finka, an expert who worked with UN Habitat III, and Head of SPECTRA – Center of Excellence of the European Union and Director of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, was the guest speaker in the Kandy City (Sri Lanka) development workshop under the auspieces of World Bank’s Sri Lanka Strategic Cities Development Project. Under the project, urban services and public urban spaces are to be improved in the city. This includes traffic improvements, such as the rehabilitation of selected by-pass roads, and establishment and improvements of selected public transport facilities and traffic management measures. The project involves the augmentation and rehabilitation of the municipal water supply system; rehabilitation of major drains; urban upgrading, including the improvement of selected streetscapes and public spaces. It also aims to restore and repurpose historic and landmark buildings. Professor Finka drew the attention of planners to the environment and the heritage. „Current trends in the management and planning processes show the growing importance of landscape planning, especially after 2000“ underlined prof. Finka.


Making City (H2020)


MAKING-CITY, the new large-scale demonstration project funded by Horizon 2020 EU’s research and innovation programme, holds its kick-off meeting on 13th-14th December in Valladolid, Spain. Gathering 34 partners coming from 9 countries, this 60-month H2020 project with a budget of 20 million euros aims to address and demonstrate the urban energy system transformation towards low carbon cities following the Positive Energy District (PED) concept.

Spa-ce-net, 22nd till 23rd November 2018

Spectra, Centre of Excellence organized the annual network conference „From SMART Cities to SMART Regions in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe. The event was held from 22nd till 23rd November 2018 in Spectra, Institute of Management, Vazovova street 5 and will be consisting from two thematic pannels: 1. Potential of smart concepts to reflect demand on new quality of development in urban regions and 2. Smart approaches to urban regions sustainable development management.


Súčasná kulminujúca kríza spôsobená epidémiou CoVid-19 zmenila mestá na nepoznanie, v krátkodobom i dlhodobom horizonte. Zatvorené prevádzky, vyprázdnené ulice, nemocnice pripravujúce sa na veľký nápor pacientov, ale aj iné prejavy ako rozšírené možnosti pre home office, obmedzené úradné hodiny verejných inštitúcií a iné sprievodné javy tejto krízy nám ukazujú, že to, čo sme si dlho nevedeli predstaviť, sa zrazu stáva nutnosťou a najmä to, že mnohé postupy sa javia ako efektívne alternatívy. Sem patria videokonferencie nahradzujúce osobné stretnutia či konferencie. Ukazuje sa, že mnoho menších stretnutí naozaj nahradí jeden dlhší email a v neposlednom rade je to práve otázka školstva, kde sa doteraz od čias Márie Terézie v zásade nezmenil spôsob podávania informácií.


prof. Maroš Finka - short bio

Maroš Finka

president of Association of European Schools of Planning, professor of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia and at Shanghai Jiao Tong Univerisity, China, Expert of UN Habitat III and Ministry for Investment, Regional Development and Innovations of SR, director of SPECTRA Centre of Excellence of th EU at STU in Bratislava.



The SaveGREEN project: Safeguarding the functionality of transnationally important ecological corridors in the Danube basin

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Project is set to work on the critical theme of ecological corridors in the Carpathian and further mountain ranges of the Danube region.

Currently, eco-corridors are threatened by the lack of adequate planning of economic development initiatives. Linear transport infrastructure, urban development, intensive agricultural, forestry, and water management practices can interrupt ecological corridors, cause traffic-deaths, and lower the reproductive success of key species and the effectiveness of ecosystem services we all depend on.

Therefore, building on the key results of previous Interreg DTP projects — i.e. TRANSGREEN, ConnectGREEN and HARMON — the SaveGREEN project will identify, collect, and promote the best solutions for safeguarding ecological corridors — including monitoring the impact of mitigation measures. Thus, basing its work on integrated planning, it will help derive proper recommendations for follow-up actions and policy design. Conference "21st year of 21st century - Western Balkans’ Challenge of Common Future"

Members of Spectra Centra (prof. M.Finka, M.Jaššo, dr.M.Husár) took part in international Conference "21st year of 21st century - Western Balkans’ Challenge of Common Future" which was organized in Belgrade (21-22 September 2021) by University of Belgrade and Wetern Balkan Network.

Read more... Network Conference 2022: “Future of the Traces of Modernity: Public Mass housing neighbourhoods“

An annual Network Conference of (network joining Central and South European Universities and Research Institutes focused on Spatial Planning) under the headline “Future of the Traces of Modernity: Public Mass housing neighbourhoods“ will be held 26th-28th September 2022 in Bratislava. The conference will be joint event, co-organizing partners are Spectra, Centre of Excellence, AESOP, AESOP young academics and ECTP.


Students field trip to Piran (Slovenia, 21st-23rd April, 2022)

Students of master study of spatial planning at Institute of Management, STU Bratislava took part in the field trip to Slovenian coastal town of Piran. The city is one of the most historically relevant places in Slovenia, a true gem of medieval Venetian architecture set up in the marvellous landscape of northern Istra.