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Annual working meeting of SPA-CE.net (13th-15th September 2009)


On 13th-15th September 2009, Spectra, Centre of Excellence was a venue of annual working meeting of SPA-CE.net. SPA-CE.net is a network of European research bodies providing spatial planning education and research activities.


The network has been established in 2005 under the auspicies of Spectra, Centre of Excellence and IOeR Dresden. The main topic of the event were the questions of regional diversity and territorial cohesion, especially with regard to elimination of spatial and regional disparities. Our members presented research results in the field of regional identity and its perception by the local inhabitants (M.Jaššo) and approximation of spatial planning systems in EU (M.Finka). Members of SPA-CE.net agreed on the mutual collaboration regarding the preparation of 5 projects. These project will be focused on spatial development in metropolitan regions, innovations of spatial planning systems, evaluation of cross-border cooperation initiatives, spatial planning know-how transfer and transformation of cultural landspace in cross-border contexts.