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Competition of Cities: Chances and Risks of Cooperation

The conference Competition of Cities: Chances and Risks of Cooperation has been held on the 3 rd and 4 th of March 2005 in Bratislava and was organised by SPECTRA, Centre of Excellence. Competition of the Cities is the title of one of the working groups of ARL, led by prof. Rudolf Giffinger from TU Vienna. This event was an outstanding opportunity to present current research results of the above mentioned working group, as well as contributions from other experts. Each paper presented on the conference was evaluated and commented by independent evaluator. The monography dedicated to Competition and cooperation of the cities is supposed to be released in this year.

The following papers were presented:

Maroš Finka , STU Bratislava, Opening speech

Arnold Klotz, Chief executive officer for urban planning, City of Vienna. “CENTROPE – Ansätze zur Entwicklung einer Europaregion”

Martin Arpáš , Chief of Urban Development Department, City of Bratislava. „Master Plan of Bratislava – Regional Cross-Border Aspects“.

Nataša Pichler-Milanovic , Ljubljana
How Central European cities may improve their competitiveness through cooperation and institutionalisation of (new) cross-border EU regions?

Iván Tosics , Budapest
Metropolitan cooperation as precondition for international competitiveness. Special difficulties to prepare post-socialist cities for international competition: the case of Budapes

Karel Maier& Tomáš Sýkora , Praha. Competition and cooperation: the case of Prague.

Joachim Burdack , Leipzig
A place in the sun. Co-operation, competition and Leipzig's quest for a size of European importance

Robert Knippschild , Dresden
Cross-border cooperation as a new tool for urban development in border regions? Requirements of communication and participation for conducting successful informal cooperation processes

Gábor Kozma , Debrecen
Potential advantages of inter-city co-operations

Evelyn Gustedt , Hannover
Gaining Competitiveness by Enabeling or Labeling Cities and Regions?

Rudolf Giffinger & Hannes Wimmer , Wien
The Potentials of City-to-City Cooperation: lessons from Vienna

Maroš Finka , Bratislava
Vienna - Bratislava Region – between Cooperation and Competition

Manfred Miosga , München
München in Städtekooperationen – zwischen Profilierungsstrategie und Lernfeld

Marjan Ravbar , Ljubljana
Die Zukunft der slowenischen Städte im europäischen Wettbewerb der Regionen – „Laissez-faire“ oder aktives Handeln?

Robert Musil , Wien
Die Rückkehr ökonomischer Städtebeziehungen: Wien und Standorte in den MOEL (Arbeitstitel)

Friedrich Schindegger, Wien
Polycentric development – a new paradigm for co-operation of cities?

Maroš Finka , Bratislava
Classification of Instruments

Matej Jaššo , Bratislava
Corporate Identity of the Cities