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Competitivness of Bratislava-Vienna Metropolitan Region

Spectra, Centre of Excellence and FORBES Slovakia are organizing the regular Business Leaders Club under the headline „Competitivness of Bratislava-Vienna Metropolitan Region“. The event will be held on Wednesday, 30th April 2014 at 16.30 in Park Inn Danube Hotel. Key speakers of the rounde table discussion will be prof. Maroš Finka (Spectra, Centre of Excellence), prof. Rudolf Giffinger (TU Wien) and dr. Peter Gero (Hamburg). We expect an invaluable and intensive discussion on various topics related to Bratislava-Vienna region.

Vienna-Bratislava metropolitan region is situated in one of the principal historical, cultural and infrastructural cross-points in Europe and is an integral part of numerous sector networks. It is a place, where both the problems as well as the opportunities after the removal of iron curtain had been appeared in utmost visible way, representing two interlinked trends and their beneficial effects on the development and growth in united Europe: the lowering of the importance of national barriers with the forthcoming integration of national, regional and local economies, and on the other hand the emergence of new development poles in the form of functional regions that cut across administrative borders. Despite of externalisation of several strategic projects (CENTROPE) as well as recent business initiatives (Twin City), this metropolitan region is still facing numerous challenges regarding its competitivness and compretitivness of business organizations localised within its territory.

This is the reason, why Spectra, Centre of Excellence and FORBES Slovakia introduces the platform for the discussion on relevant needs and opportunities of further development of the Vienna-Bratislava metropolitan region - an example of premium locality for investments and enterpreneurial activities.. Content supervision of the conference will be covered with the following issues:

  • Vienna-Bratislava metropolitan region – potentials and barriers for enterpreneurial activities
  • Institutional structures for start-up enterpreneurship of young innovative companies – further development of trans-national support of innovation (CENTROPE TT)
  • Competitivness of Vienna Bratislava metropolitan region within the network of European regions (results of ESPON POLYCE Project)
  • Identity, image and marketing tools: analysis of CENTROPE and Twin City concepts
  • Shifts and changes within the process of suburbanization, real estate and general business landscape
  • Bratislava masterplan and the impact of cross-border cooperation on it, role of the borderline municipalities (Hainburg, Kittsee, Berg) and the „4th quadrant“ in spatial development of Bratislava region.