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The 6th LUDA workshop and 2nd Conference (1st- 4th December 2004)

The 6th LUDA workshop and 2nd Conference „Sharing Experiences – Developing Strategies for Large Urban Distressed Areas“ was externalised within 1st- 4th December 2004 in the Seminar Hotel St. Virgil in Salzburg. SPECTRA, Centre of Excellence is one of the Project Partners and took essential part on this event. The entire event was devoted to the recognition of the experience diversity in management of large urban distressed areas in European cities and the aspects of the dimensions of the quality of life in these areas.

Salzburg conference has fostered the creation of direct interrelation among the cities involved into the LUDA Project (Bratislava, Dresden, Florence, Valenciennes, Edinburgh, Lisbon) and research institutions gathered by LUDA phenomenon, as well as it has provided a broader dissemination of the project results within the group of Reference Cities (Xanthi, Malmoe, Genoa, Lyon, Antwerp, Manchester, Tallinn, Dublin, Essen, Ostrava, Graz, Trnava) and invited guests. The presentations of cities demonstrated the specific experiences in the following particular fields:

    • Environmental Quality and Urban Structure Aspects
      (Xanthi, Trnava, Malmoe, Genoa, Bratislava, Lisbon)
    • Community Capacity/Governance and Image
      (Antwerp, Lyon, Manchester, Tallinn, Edinburgh, Dresden)
    • Human/Social Development and Economic Development
      (Dublin, Essen, Ostrava, Graz, Florence, Valenciennes)

Mutual introduction of project parners (research institutions, Partner Cities, Reference Cities) took the place. Common discussions, working groups and experience pannels completed the research contributions of the partners on specific aspects of the redevelopment process. A summary report from the presentations of invited speakers is one of the most prominent scientific results of the conference. This record of strategies and approaches, presented within the conference, will be broadly disseminated across the Europe.

The project has succesfully established a network of cities. Using the cities as demonstrators and collaborators, the LUDA Project is promoting the exchange of experiences and the transfer of knowledge in terms of urban rehabilitation and redevelopment between European cities.