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The 7th LUDA workshop „Sharing Experiences – Developing Strategies for Large Urban Distressed Areas"

The 7th LUDA workshop „Sharing Experiences – Developing Strategies for Large Urban Distressed Areas“ was held on 20th- 21st May 2005 in the Faculty of Architecture, STU in Bratislava. SPECTRA, Centre of Excellence is one of the Project Partners and took essential part on this event, both in organisational as well as in scientifical field. The entire event was devoted to various experiences in terms of urban management of large urban distressed areas in European cities, Bratislava-Raca including.

Bratislava workshop provided the first opportunity to present the compendium and it was an opportunity for researchers and partner cities representatives to express opinions and comend its form, structure and content. Interactive format of workshop enabled for parners to browse all the 5 handbooks and to deliver an immediate feedback. The session involved hands-on demonstration of the hanbooks using lap-tops for visualisation. The audience has gained the chance to compare all the 5 handbooks close-up. The feedbacks towards compendium were presented immediately via spontaneous verbal comments, remarks and questions as well as via completed proforma. Verbal feedback identified the differences among opinions expresses in forum and will be completed by separate written feedback on each of the 5 handbook. This proforma feedback should deeper reveal what authorities of the particular cities think about the handbook.

The feedback from Bratislava meeting will be examined by the evaluation sub-group including representatives of cities of Dresden, Florence, Edinburgh and Lisbon. Feedback and remarks from all the sources will be reviewed by this evaluation subgroup and this subgroup will recommend and co-ordinate any necessary editorial work, modifications or significant changes to the handbooks. This work will be carried out during July and August. Public launch of compendium and entire presentation of revised 5 handbooks is planned for Paris conference in November 2005.