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River Basins Management

The meeting of the ARL Working group River Basins Management was held on 23th November 2004 at the Faculty of Architecture, Slovak University of Technology In Bratislava. This event was dedicated to overview of the work which has been done during previous months. The highlights of this meeting were the presentations of selected research areas in Slovakia (River basin of Morava River), Czech republic (River basin of Dyje River and Labe river) as well as Germany (River basin of Elbe) and Hungary (River basin of Tisza river).

This working group is led by the twinning partner of SPECTRA, namely IOeR Dresden under the supervision of prof. Isolde Roch. We had a pleasure to welcome prof. Goppel from the Ministry of Economy of Bundesland Bayern, Federal Republic of Germany.

Main focus of discussion was aimed to questionnaire mapping out the attitudes of the inhabitants of river basins regarding the perception of the region, spatial and socio-ecomonic conditions. Final version of the survey was adopted and it is supposed to be externalised in january and february 2005. The research results related to typology of river basins, perception of the place identity, flood managment, regional cooperation in borderland areas etc. will be published in the form of monography during the first half of the year 2005.