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Students field trip to Piran (Slovenia, 21st-23rd April, 2022)

Students field trip to Piran, 2022

Students of master study of spatial planning at Institute of Management, STU Bratislava took part in the field trip to Slovenian coastal town of Piran. The city is one of the most historically relevant places in Slovenia, a true gem of medieval Venetian architecture set up in the marvellous landscape of northern Istra.

Students analysed it architectural and urban design composition, masterplan and unique architectural language as well as cross-border cooperation and regional iniciatives. Main highlight of 3 days long stay was presentation and discussion with dr.Mark ┼ápacapan from Municipal Office in Piran, dedicated to regional development of Piran-Portoro┼ż area, challenges of regional economic and tourist development and enviromental problems of Northern Adriatic. Discussion was extraordinary relevant for our students, enhanced by the fact that various Slovak developers are active in the region and many Slovak tourist visit Piran every summer.

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