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The Mission Statement of the Network of Spatial Planning Research Institutes (SPA-CE.net) in Europe


Spa-ce.net is a self-interest network integrating Central and Eastern European institutes and organisations active in the field of spatial research and planning. Each member institute is represented by its director and/or delegated persons. The network is continuously growing and is open to adopt new members.


Our vision is to be a network with transnational, trans-regional and cross-border dimensions. This is achieved through partnerships between spatial research and planning institutes in Central and Eastern Europe. The network serves to share common visions, develop trust and an interest in cooperation, to motivate and mobilise major actors and to encourage re-search. It also provides a forum for the meeting of minds and the exchange of information, experience and research results.


Our mission is to ensure sustainable development on the European continent by providing spatial research results to policy-makers, scientists and the interested public. It can contribute significantly to improving the quality of life, to enhancing the protection and management of Europe's cultural and natural heritage as well as creating new jobs and spurring economic growth.
Transnational cooperation is an indispensable precondition for mobilising Europe's potential for research and practical application in the field of sustainable spatial development.
The Network of Spatial Research Institutes in Central and Eastern Europe pursues the following goals:

  • to develop new theoretical, methodological, scientific and proffesional approaches in research and planning
  • to develop partnership relations between spatial research institutes in Central and Eastern Europe
  • to exchange information on research programmes and ongoing research projectsof European importance
  • to exchange information on major political developments with spatial relevance
  • to define common interests in the field of European research policy and to represent these interests jointly at the European level
  • to identify research issues of key importance for the sustainable spatial development of Central and Eastern Europe
  • to devise and conduct joint research projects
  • to contribute to the integration of Central and Eastern European spatial research institutes into the European Research Area
  • to cooperate closely through the exchange of scientific staff, mainly young researchers and PhD candidates.

Find out more at http://spa-ce.net