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Contact us

SPECTRA Centre of Excellence EU
Vazovova 5
81243 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

tel. +421 2 5727 6277
fax +421 2 5727 6277

Annual working meeting of (13th-15th September 2009)


On 13th-15th September 2009, Spectra, Centre of Excellence was a venue of annual working meeting of is a network of European research bodies providing spatial planning education and research activities.


Lectures of visiting professors from University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, Institute of City, Regional and Environmental Planning (IATEUR), France.

Spectra, Centre of Excellence and Institute of Management were the hosting venue for the lectures of visiting professors from University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, Institute of City, Regional and Environmental Planning (IATEUR), France. The lectures have been held on Monday, 22nd March 2010 and were focused on current practice of spatial planning in France. Prof. Marie Delaplace was reffering on High-speed rail, service innovations and urban and business tourisms development and prof. Marcel Bazin introduced ANRU programmes for refurbishing social housing estates in France. The event was attended by the members of Spectra Centre and the students of Spatial planning programmes acredited at Institute of Management.

Days for Public at SPECTRA

Spectra, Centre of Excellence and Institute of Management (where Spectra is based) have organised two Days for Public. The first event has been held on Monday, 1st March 2010 in Training Centre of Spectra in Poprad, followed by the 2nd event, public presentation of Spectra and Institute of Management, held on Thursday 4th March 2010 in Spectra Centre in Bratislava. The main goal of both events was to introduce the acredited study programmes based on the Institute of Management, with special emphasis on Spatial planning. In academic year 2010/11 there will be the following study programmes available: spatial planning in bachelor, master and PhD. study, construction economics in masters study and sectoral and branch economics in PhD. study.



Project Nr.: 26240120002
Financing: ERDF, OP Research and Development
Project Code: OPVaV-2008/4.1/01-SORO
Duration : May 2009 – April 2011
Budget: 1 340 554,53 €
Project Coordinator: Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava
Project Partners: Faculty of Natural Science, Comenius University Bratislava
Institute of Forecasting, Slovak Academy of Science
Institute of Geography, Slovak Academy of Science

Brownfields in Baltic States

CZ/08/LLP-LdV/TOI/134005: “Brownfields in Baltic States”
Education Project from programme: Lifelong Learning Program - Multilateral Project Transfer of Innovation Leonardo da Vinci II
Period: 2008-2010
Project Coordinator: Doc. Ing. B. Vojvodíková, PhD., VUB Ostrava, Czech Republic
Representative of Spectra, Centre of Excellence: Doc. PhDr. Dagmar Petríková, PhD.

Europäisches Junges Forum

Education Project from programme: Leibniz Gemeinschaft Forschung und Innovation, Akademie fuer Raumforschung und Landesplanung, Hannover, Nemecko: ARL_EJF_08_18957: „Europäisches Junges Forum“
Period: 2008 -2010
Project Coordinator: Prof. Dipl-Ing. Dietmar Scholich, ARL Hannover, Germany.
Representative of Spectra, Centre of Excellence: Prof. Ing. Arch. Maroš Finka, PhD.