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The Global Financial Crisis: Are We Trapped in an Obsolete Economic System?

Spectra, Centre of Excellence, and CETIP (Center for the Transdisciplinary Study of Institutions, Evolution and Policies) were co-organizators of guest lecture of prof. Daniel W.Bromley from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA under the headline "The Global Financial Crisis: Are We Trapped in an Obsolete Economic System?".


Socio-ecological factors of strategic planning

Spectra, Centre of Excellence organized (22nd and 23rd November 2012) workshop under the title "Socio-ecological factors of strategic planning". The event was held at the Institute of Management of Slovak University of Technology and several distinctive personalities took a part. Prof. D. Scholich from ARL Hannover introduced his conclusions on balanced life conditions between metropolises and provinces, Assoc. Prof. L. Nyka from TU Gdansk referred to environmentally and culturally sustainable solutions of water urbanism and Ing. J.Borucka from TU Gdansk focused on rethinking the sensorial environment of public spaces. Students of spatial planning were the main target audience.

SPECTRA Centre of Excellence - China

The SPECTRA Centre of Excellence - China focuses on the advancement of knowledge, capacity building and promotion of sustainable cities in China, framing scientific, technical, financial and institutional collaboration in relevant areas of knowledge and sustainable planning and development management.


International exhibition and conference LAND-URBIA in Nitra

Spectra, Centre of Excellence was one of the co-organizers of the international exhibition and conference LAND-URBIA in Nitra (18th-21st April 2013). The main philosophy of the event might be expressed by the motto “Planning Toward Identity”, which comprises under one headline various aspects of the regional identity preservation and development. Maintaining and further development of regional identity of the landscape and cities is one of the fundamental precondition for securing the sustainability as well as the identification of the people with the lived space. Pressure of various interest groups, quick benefit oriented developers and lack of public involvement might be detrimental for the identity of our spaces.


2nd CETIP Network discussion seminar - 3th June 2013 (gallery)

SPECTRA - Centre of Excellence and CETIP Network  organized the CETIP Network discussion seminar. Key topic was "Social entrepreneurship: a new model of corporate governance? The lecture was given by Prof. Andrej Udovč, Associate professor from University of Ljubljana. The event was held on 3th June 2013 at 10.00 AM and venue was the SPECTRA, Centre of Excellence (Vazovova street 5, room 5-1).


annual Conference, 25th-27th September 2013, in Dresden, Germany

Spectra, Centre of Excellence will take part on the annual Conference, held in 25th-27th September 2013, in Dresden (Germany) at the Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development (IOER)., an institutional network of unviversities and other scientific bodies focused on spatial planning, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The headline of the 10th Network Conference is „Role and Future of Spatial Planning in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe“. With 20 presentations and speakers from 10 countries we have a great spectrum of exciting topics. Spectra, Centre of Excellence will be represented by prof. Maroš Finka and dr. Matej Jaššo and their joint paper „Specifics and Recent Development of Central European Planning Culture“.

The lecture of prof. Andreas Faludi, 4th October 2013 Spectra, Centre of Excellence

On Friday, 4th October 2013 Spectra, Centre of Excellence will be hosting the lecture of prof. Andreas Faludi from University of Delft under the headline "The Rise and Fall of European Spatial Planning". The lecture will be held at Aula of D.Ilkovič in STU Bratislava. Prof. Andreas Faludi is one of the leading personalities of recent European spatial planning discourse, covering plethora of principal topics like planning theory, territorial cohesion and territorial governance. Admission is free and the lecture will be held in english language.

Competitivness of Bratislava-Vienna Metropolitan Region

Spectra, Centre of Excellence and FORBES Slovakia are organizing the regular Business Leaders Club under the headline „Competitivness of Bratislava-Vienna Metropolitan Region“. The event will be held on Wednesday, 30th April 2014 at 16.30 in Park Inn Danube Hotel. Key speakers of the rounde table discussion will be prof. Maroš Finka (Spectra, Centre of Excellence), prof. Rudolf Giffinger (TU Wien) and dr. Peter Gero (Hamburg). We expect an invaluable and intensive discussion on various topics related to Bratislava-Vienna region.


Summer University for Highschools September 2014

Institute of Management and Spectra, Centre of Excellence took part at the programme of Summer University for Highschools, held in 11.-12. September 2014 at STU Bratislava. Event was prepared for the students of Slovak highschools attending the future university bachelor studies. Prof. Maroš Finka entirely introduced the study programme Spatial planning. Dr.Matej Jaššo reffered on students project “City as a Personality and its Manifestation in Urban Semiotics”. Our PhD students J. Szuhová, M. Turzová and M.Lazarová introduced the table game “Planning game of the revitalization of a given area”.

Urban Resilience

Acceleration of the spatial development has generated an increased probability of having to face negative effects of globalisation as well as EU integration. Recent economic and financial crisis highlighted this risk and created threats which were not acute some years ago. Fragile spatial and societal structures have been exposed to huge pressure originated either from international markets, unfavourable demographic prognosis, environmental hazards or other sources of risk. Urban resilience is the ability of cities and municipalities to absorb, cope and overcome these setbacks.