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SPECTRA Centre of Excellence

The Central European Research and Training Centre SPECTRA-PERSEUS grows and develops its research activities, based on interdisciplinary research of the issues of complex spatial development, with the emphasis on the problems of development of the settlement structures. Their optimisation and ensuring of sustainable spatial development are basic preconditions for balanced, environmentally bearable social and economic development.

The Centre makes use of its position in the academic world of the university and through personal and institutional relations deliberately integrating different hierarchic levels of the development of systems of settlements (architectural, zone, settlement, regional, continental) as well as different aspects of this development (social, cultural, economic, environmental.

Horizontal and vertical integration and supranational dimensions of its research activities are also the unique features of the SPECTRA Centre in broader European space.

The Centre is concentrated not only on basic research focussed on the problems of spatial development with realisation outcomes for the practice of spatial planning policy but also on implementation of applied research in the field of methods and instruments of spatial planning, expertise and assessment. Special attention is being devoted to implementation of environmental aspects into spatial planning processes. In the field of advanced new tools, methods and implementation of strategic environmental assessment in spatial planning at the local and regional levels, the Centre belongs to the top units of this kind in the CEE countries.

A particular task of the Centre, along with research of development, is also transfer of know-how inevitable for acquis communautaire in planning. The Centre fulfils the function of an innovative centre that intermediates flows of innovation.

Research activities of the Centre are centred on:
• interdisciplinary basic research in the field of spatial development,
• applied research in the field of spatial development with the focus on methods,
• expertise and reviewing for national, regional and local government.

Research and technology programmes are devoted to:
• model applications of know-how in solving the tasks of spatial planning practice,
• consultations for public administration and NGOs in the field of spatial planning.

Spread of know-how is done through:
• publications,
• preparation and education of young researchers and PhD students,
• training activities – in undergraduate and postgraduate studies and in distant learning,
• building partnership with the public.