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Annual conference, 24-26th October 2012 in Kecskemét (Hungary).

Annual (network of spatial planning research insttutions) conference will take place 24-26th. October 2012 in Kecskemét (Hungary). Host of the conference is the Institute of Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Science.


Sokrates Erasmus Intensive programme for a “Permaculture Design Course” in the Seestadt Aspern in Vienna

The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna organizes from 15th till 30th September 2012 a Sokrates Erasmus Intensive programme for a “Permaculture Design Course” in the Seestadt Aspern in Vienna. In close cooperation with representatives from the City municipality of Vienna and local representatives in the 22nd district in Vienna and students from the Danube region will work on open space concepts within the Seestadt Aspern.


The Global Financial Crisis: Are We Trapped in an Obsolete Economic System?

Spectra, Centre of Excellence, and CETIP (Center for the Transdisciplinary Study of Institutions, Evolution and Policies) were co-organizators of guest lecture of prof. Daniel W.Bromley from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA under the headline "The Global Financial Crisis: Are We Trapped in an Obsolete Economic System?".


Socio-ecological factors of strategic planning

Spectra, Centre of Excellence organized (22nd and 23rd November 2012) workshop under the title "Socio-ecological factors of strategic planning". The event was held at the Institute of Management of Slovak University of Technology and several distinctive personalities took a part. Prof. D. Scholich from ARL Hannover introduced his conclusions on balanced life conditions between metropolises and provinces, Assoc. Prof. L. Nyka from TU Gdansk referred to environmentally and culturally sustainable solutions of water urbanism and Ing. J.Borucka from TU Gdansk focused on rethinking the sensorial environment of public spaces. Students of spatial planning were the main target audience.

Day for Public, 14th February 2013, at Spectra, Centre of Excellence

Spectra, Centre of Excellence and Institute of Management (where Spectra is based) will organise Day for Public. This event will be held on Thursday, 14th Februray 2013 in Spectra Centre in Bratislava (Vazovova 5, room 5-1, 5th floor) at 1.00 PM. The main goal of the event is to introduce the acredited study programmes of the Institute of Management, with special emphasis on Spatial planning. Showcases of the work of the current students will be included. We are looking forward to meet you at Spectra, Centre of Excellence.

1st CETIP Network discussion seminar - 18th February 2013 (gallery)

SPECTRA - Centre of Excellence and CETIP Network  organized the first of the CETIP Network discussion seminars. Key topic was "Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in Spatial Planning". First lecture was given by Peter Barták, an independent consultant. The event was held on 18th February 2013 at 10.00 AM and venue was the SPECTRA, Centre of Excellence (Vazovova street 5, room 5-1).



The main objective is to concentrate on novel approaches to strategic planning in all relevant levels of decision making respecting challenges streaming from the complexity and uncertainty in particular in global environmental changes and urban governance and on trans-disciplinary research in the field of institutional, behavioural and ecological economics.



This Centre concentrates the capacities working on the topic of smart urban development with special focus on smart land-use and smart structures for urban development.



Urban safety as an environmental quality - addresses not only physical but also psychological importance of safety for humans in the urban environment. In recent project URBAN SAFETY AS ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY, developed in the collaboration with Government council for Crime Prevention and District authority in Trenčín, a unique methodology for the assessment of urban safety with special focus on environmental safety in Slovak conditions is currently being designed in the whole complexity.


SPECTRA Centre of Excellence - China

The SPECTRA Centre of Excellence - China focuses on the advancement of knowledge, capacity building and promotion of sustainable cities in China, framing scientific, technical, financial and institutional collaboration in relevant areas of knowledge and sustainable planning and development management.