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ERASMUS Spatial Development Network Meeting in Milan

On the 28th-29th January 2005 SPECTRA, Centre of Excellence took the part in ERASMUS Spatial Development Network Meeting in Milan. This event was organised by University of Milano-Bicoca, Faculty of sociology. SPECTRA is member of ERASMUS network since 1999, developing the contacts and exchange programmes with several European universities e.g. University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Politechnica Madrid, Universitaet Dortmund.

The meeting was dedicated to internal evaluation of recent materials, external evaluation reports, overview of activities of intensive programmes (IP) already distributed to the staff members. Special attention was paid to next intesive programme – namely the „Impact of the Mega events on Metropolitan Economies and Societies“ which will be held in April 2005 Athens in form of summer school for graduate students from European universities. Post-olympic Athens with their socio-economic changes will be the subject of case study and research. Students will be divided onto 4 working groups analysing and elaborating different aspects of post-olympic situation in Athens metropolitan area. This intensive programme is designed to broaden the theoretical basis and enhance the capacity for applied team work in strategic spatial planning and impact assessment. Applied work is related to major fields:

  • Strategic spatial planning
  • Infrastructure development and impact assessment
  • Urban renewal programmes
  • Land Values – Real Estate Development
  • Integrated Area Development
  • Innovation and Metropolitan Economic Development

The discussion was focused also on other forthcoming events, namely the conference „New concepts for Urban and Regional Policy and Planning“ planned for spring 2007 in Leuven and workshop „Integrated Development Planning and Policy: New Perspectives for Analysis, Planning Theory, Practice and Education“ planned for june 2007 in Greece.