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PM4U Project Management Spring Block Week 2024

Within the Erasmus Jean Monnet project PM4U (101126659-PM4U-ERASMUS-JMO-2023-HEI-TCH-RSCH) at Institute of Management STUBA have taken place an intensive block-week for students of the Spatial Planning Department with Erasmus+ participants from Ukraine, Germany, Egypt. This week was covered jointly by Spectra CE EU and Department of Spatial Planning.


Workshop Project management in the context of EU urban transformation. Smart Cities and Data-Driven Society - 19.04.2024

Explore the important role of project management in the context of EU urban transformation, focusing on smart cities and a data-driven society. Delve into key topics such as the significance of project management tools in urban development, best practices encompassing information technologies and methodological aspects, and strategies for enhancing project management effectiveness. Participants will gain insights into project management practices tailored for communication and stakeholders management.


V4RIT-SUARR – Virtual Winter School, 14.03.2024

In the framework of the project Visegrad+ V4RIT-SUARR, Spectra, Centre of Excellence and STU Bratislava are co-organizers of Virtual Winter School "Theory is not boring"
Redevelopment and reconstruction of Transition Regions in Climate and Society changes.

On-line meeting on the ZOOM platform
14.03.2024, 9:00 - 15:00 CET time


Positive Energy District Workshop at STU from 8th to 12th May 2023

Spectra, Centre of Excellence and STU Bratislava were co-organizers of Positive Energy District students workshop, held at STU between 8th and 12th May 2023. Students teams from Polito Torino (Italy), Gdansk Polytechnic (Poland), Kutahya Dumlupinar University (Turkey) and STU Bratislava (Slovakia) were asked to develop a theoretical concept of PED and propose a vision for a selected part of STU campus (their study area).


Spectra Centre of Excellence and Institute of Management STU will organise Day for Public 23rd February 2023

Spectra, Centre of Excellence and Institute of Management STU (where Spectra is based) will organise Day for Public. This event will be held on Thursday, 23rd February 2023 at 1,00 PM hybrid (see the link in the picture). The main goal of the event is to introduce the accredited study programmes of the Institute of Management . Showcases of the work of the current students, ERASMUS experiences and discussion about study will be in the spotlight. We are looking forward to meet you at Spectra, Centre of Excellence.


Challenges of spatial and urban development of Vajnory

Students of master study of Spatial planning took part in the research cooperation of the Slovak University of Technology and Municipality of Vajnory (part of Bratislava), aimed to solve various problems and challenges of spatial and urban development of Vajnory. Our students dealt with the territory of Vajnory from various interdisciplinary angles:  two groups were analysing the territory from the point of view of specific needs of particular groups of inhabitants (handicapped people, teenagers) anf their role in spatial development, foreign students from ERASMUS Exchange programme dedicated their work to revitalisation of an abandoned old airfield in Vajnory. All three presentation belonged to the most outstanding and distinguished and they yielded vibrant attention at final presentation day, 13th, January 2023 at House of Culture in Vajnory. Cooperation with Municipality of Vajnory will be prolonged also in summer semester.


Project "V4Regions - Enhancing cooperation between V4 countries for innovative urban development" has been successfully finished!

The project addressed topics, all being highly actual issues present in the daily practice of urban planning.


Future of the Traces of Modernity: Public Mass housing neighbourhoods

Joint event of ECTP-CEU and SPA-CE NET and AUÚP, hosted by SPECTRA CE EU at STU in Bratislava.

Registration deadline extended till 5th September 2022

Register now at https://forms.gle/B8NoufwkCgeMpNLo8


Students field trip to Piran (Slovenia, 21st-23rd April, 2022)

Students of master study of spatial planning at Institute of Management, STU Bratislava took part in the field trip to Slovenian coastal town of Piran. The city is one of the most historically relevant places in Slovenia, a true gem of medieval Venetian architecture set up in the marvellous landscape of northern Istra.


International Students Workshop „Positive Energy Districts - Trinational course on Integrated Spatial and Energy Planning Approaches for existing settlements“

International Students Workshop „Positive Energy Districts - Trinational course on Integrated Spatial and Energy Planning Approaches for existing settlements“ was held between 9th and 14th May in STU Bratislava and City of Trenčín. Main organizers were Institute of Management, STU Bratislava/Spectra Centre of Excellence, Belgrade University and Vienna University of Technology. More than 40 students from above mentioned universities and dozen of lecturers took part in this event, which included both theoretical (in Bratislava) and practical aspects (Trenčín) of integrated spatial and energy planning. Topics of spatial planning, climate change, energetic efficiency, sustainable energy. back-casting planning scenarions and energy governance were in the spotlight. On the final day in Trenčín, 10 groups of students presented their work focused on selected territorial areas/units in city of Trenčín, applying concept of positive energy neighbourhoods.