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International exhibition and conference LAND-URBIA in Nitra

LAND-URBIA Nitra 2013

Spectra, Centre of Excellence was one of the co-organizers of the international exhibition and conference LAND-URBIA in Nitra (18th-21st April 2013). The main philosophy of the event might be expressed by the motto “Planning Toward Identity”, which comprises under one headline various aspects of the regional identity preservation and development. Maintaining and further development of regional identity of the landscape and cities is one of the fundamental precondition for securing the sustainability as well as the identification of the people with the lived space. Pressure of various interest groups, quick benefit oriented developers and lack of public involvement might be detrimental for the identity of our spaces.

The exhibition introduced the best works of Slovak architects and planners in terms of preserving the identity of given space and subsequent conference was a vital platform for sharing interesting ideas. Spectra, Centre of Excellence was represented by several contributions and presentations. Maros Finka, Head of the Spectra Centre, was the key-note speaker and moderator of the discussion dedicated to the mutual relations of spatial planning and regional identity. Matej Jaššo presented the strategic framework of the City identity management. Zuzana Ladzianska introduced the results of the BROWNTRANS project, focused on the re-development of browfield areas. Some prominent contributors from abroad also delivered their experiences from various projects related to regional identity, e.g. prof. D.Scholich (Hannover, Germany), A.Kubová-Gauche (St.Etienne, France) or M.Hardman (Birmingham, England). More on: http://www.zuups.sk/node/52