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Proceeding of the project Spectra+ within the years 2009-2010

Project ITMS 26240120002 SPECTRA+, Centre of Excellence for the Settlement Infrastructure Development of the Knowledge Based Society has been implemented since May 2009. This period was focused on the preparation of the contracting the 6 technological platforms for all 4 participating partners. STU Bratislava covered this process on behalf of all partners. The evaluation of public tender was made in July 2010, the legal agreement was signed in October 2010. Nowadays, the fullfilment of the contract is going on.

Simultaneously with the contract of technological platforms, the other measurable indicators of the project were fullfiled. Here are some preliminary oputputs:

Indicator „Number of Projects of common research of slovak and foreign reasearch and development institutions: There have been supplied 6 international project, 4 of them were approved („AKK Centrope“, Vital Landscapes“, „EcoFINDERS“ a „Responder“).

Indicator „Number of papers published in the non-currented journals“: There have been prepared 29 articles, the most of them was a result of mutual collaboration of project partners.

The other outputs: There have been issued 2 monographs („Housing and housing policy“ and „Landscape planning“), 2 textbooks („Spatial planning“ and „Environmental planning and management“) and several scienfic reviews.

Actions and activities of the projects:

There have been held 2 conferences („Horizons of the development of Slovak society“ and „Regional Diversity and Territorial Cohesion“), 1 scientific colloqium (Spatial-temporal variation of mobility and its impact on quality of settlement structures“) 2 seminars („Urban Investments“ and „Risks of the Real Estate Market in Central Europe“) 2 discussion seminars (Public ownership as the optimal mode of the Natural Resources Management“ „From government to governance?“), and 1 summer school „Metropolis with a green heart“.

Awaiting tasks:

Contract for installation of technological platform is being running now. The assumed date of the fullfillment of this task is estimated for December 2010. The platform will be used for scientific purposes according to their specifications from the beginning of 2011.