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SPECTRA Centre of Excellence - China

CE China

The SPECTRA Centre of Excellence - China focuses on the advancement of knowledge, capacity building and promotion of sustainable cities in China, framing scientific, technical, financial and institutional collaboration in relevant areas of knowledge and sustainable planning and development management.


Joint Working Place Shanghai

Joint Working Place Shanghai provides the platform for joint research and planning collaboration in the field of sustainable eco and smart urban development. It is created by the members of The Alliance of

China- European Universities in the field of Smart Sustainable Development and Innovation as a non-formal alliance allying top science and technology universities of China and Europe on a voluntary basis following the United Nations Organisation (UNO) goals and principles of sustainable development (SDGs) and New Urban Agenda of the UNO.




prof. Khalid Z. el Adli - director of the Centre

exprezident ISOCARP, Former Governor of Gîza, expert UNO

email: k.eladli@yahoo.com

prof. Li Xiang - executive director

genaral secretary JiaCui Environmental Promotion Center, President of the China
SUC Institute (Sustainable Urban and Community Development Institute)Beijing,
expert UNO

email: billy168@126.com